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J Bolin Style Boot Camp - DOWN PAYMENT (OPTION)

We understand that managing finances can be important when signing up for an event. For the Bolin Style Boot Camp, you have the option to break your payments into two installments.

The first installment serves as a booking fee to secure your space in the boot camp. By making this payment, you can reserve your spot and ensure that you don't miss out on this valuable opportunity. This initial payment allows you to secure your place in the boot camp while you plan your final payment.

Once you've made the first installment, you will have the flexibility to make the final payment by March 20, 2024. This allows you to manage your finances and make the necessary arrangements. By dividing the payments into two installments, we aim to make it more convenient for participants to attend the boot camp.

We hope this information clarifies the payment process for the Bolin Style Boot Camp. It's an excellent opportunity to invest in your fashion career and learn from industry experts.